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Outpatient Counseling


Community at Risk Services (CARS)

Substance Abuse Services

Victims of Crime Assistance

Moore Alternative School And Treatment Program (MAST)

This is a voluntary program for youth ages 13 to 17 who are experiencing behavior problems at school and home. The youth and their parent/guardian are involved in the development of a treatment plan to address these issues. The youth who are successful in this program are those who are ready to make changes in their behavior. Each youth signs a contract agreeing to follow specific guidelines. The daily schedule includes education and group counseling. Each youth receives individual and family counseling based on their treatment goals.

The emphasis of this program is on behavior. Education is secondary. Each youth is enrolled in their home school while they attend MAST and receives the same amount of school credit. They are enrolled in the same grade level that they are in public school. Each youth works at their own pace educationally and receives a great deal of individual assistance. There are two classrooms with 9 youth in each room.

The youth enrolled in MAST do not accelerate graduation. If they are successful in this program and their home school wishes to place them in a higher trade level, the public school will make that decision.

The MAST program hours are from 7:40 A.M. to 2:16 P.M. and follow the Moore Public School schedule regarding days in session. This program is totally voluntary and is for those youth who are ready to make some different decisions. They are given a great deal of structure and support to make these changes.

Community at Risk Services (CARS)

The mission of the CARS program is to provide therapeutic counseling and rehabilitation services to youth and their families who are referred by the Juvenile Services Unit. These services are offered in a helpful environment that may include the client's home.

Goal and objectives are developed by the client and incorporate the services stated on the juvenile's individual service plan provided by the Juvenile Service worker.

Cars programming consists of traditional outpatient therapy services driven by an Office of Juvenile Affairs approved plan, which addresses the therapeutic needs of youth who have committed law violations. All services are provided with the goal of supporting the recovery or stabilization of the persons served, reducing symptoms, restoring function and preventing additional functional impairment.  

Substance Abuse Services

The primary purpose is to provide, promote, assist, and facilitate programs and services aimed at: (1) the prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions,
(2) the preservation, strengthening, and restoration of families and (3) a variety of individual and family auxiliary services to assist them in their normal social functioning.  The broad social goal is to enable individuals to function in society at the optimal level of their capacities and potential.

The practice of “No Wrong Door” provides individuals with or links them to appropriate service interventions regardless of where they enter the system of care.

The focus on strengthening and supporting the family encompasses programs designed to assist families and individual members of a family unit whose social functioning has been impaired and are experiencing stress due to their current life situation.  The primary objective of our services is to preserve, strengthen and, where possible, restore the family unit.  Services are aimed at promoting the recovery process, sound personality development, social maturation and responsibility within the individual. 

Victims of Crime Assistance (VOCA)

Funding for the V.O.C.A. Program makes it possible for Moore Youth and Family Services, Inc. to provide counseling services at not cost for those who meet certain guidelines.

Client's served under this program are age 21 and under. They have been victims of abuse and/or other violent crime. Some examples of violent crime are physical abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and assault. Parents/Guardians are part of the therapy as deemed appropriate. The alleged offender cannot be part of the treatment under this grant.

Our facility offers non-residential services consisting of:

  • Play Therapy Techniques
  • Therapeutic Expressive Art-Making
  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Group Therapy

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